Homemade orange extra jam

Fresh juicy Mediterranean oranges are hand-picked at the peak of flavor and hand-made in small batches to enhance any breakfast. Our orange extra jam is homemade and the quality is high.



Do you know the difference between jam and extra jam? Look at this pattern: marmelade (citrus fruits or other fruits): percentage of fruits 20 – 34% jam: percentage of fruits 35% – 45% extra jam: more than 45% Beyond the orange extra jam, we have a lots of different tastes: apricot extra jam, orange extra marmalade, sour cherry extra jam, cherry extra jam, fic extra jam, strawberry extra jam, green apple extra jam, clementine extra jam, quince extra jam, kiwi extra jam, peach extra jam, plum extra jam, raspberry extra jam, chestnut extra jam, berries extra jam, blueberry extra jam, black grape extra jam, orange marmalade, bitter orange marmalade, red orange marmalade, grapefruit marmalade, citron marmalade, clementine marmalade, lemon marmalade, strawberry and orange marmalade jam.