Pasta in single-portion

The pasta cup, produced by the famous italian brand Barilla, is a frozen product to be re-heated directly in microwave. It is easy and quick to prepare, allows an immediate service in its portable packaging. The Barilla pasta cup must be stored in freezer (-18°) for 18 months. It’s 100% natural, without preservatives or additives, all raw materials traceable. How to prepare it: 1. take out the pasta cup from the freezer; 2. Put the pasta cup in the microwave, on the boarder of microwave plate, not in the center; 3- Set the microwave for 5′, at 900 W; 4- Withour using any oven glove (the pasta cup is composed by two cups, one in plastic where there is the pasta, one in paper, both recyclable), take the pasta cup from the microwave; 5- Shake the pasta cup for some seconds, open the pasta cup and stir the pasta using a spoon; 6- now you can eat the pasta, directly in the cup or served in a plate.




There are 4 different flavours: Penne with tomato and basil sauce Wholeheat Fusilli with aubergines and courgettes sauce Penne with Bolognaise sauce Penne with tomato and chilli sauce