Tagliatelle at Barolo docg

Tagliatelle at Barolo wine docg
INGREDIENTS: durum wheat, Barolo wine d.o.c.g. 2%, chard in powder, spice
COOKING TIME: about 5 minutes
BEST BEFORE: within two years after the date of production

Here below a simple receipt with Barolo tagliatelle, with shrimp and radicchio

Tagliatelle al Barolo
Peeled shrimp: 500 grams
Radicchio: a strain
Fresh cream: 250 ml.
Oil: q.b.
Salt: q.b.

Browse the radicchio, delete the hard part, wash them, dry and cut at julienne.
Cook the noodles in salted water. Meanwhile, put the oil in a frying pan, heat and simmer the radicchio, then set it aside; in a large pan, heat oil just and put the shrimp for a few minutes, blow out, sprinkle with half a glass of Barolo, add radicchio, cream, mix well, pour the pasta cooked al dente, mix well and serve hot.