Dolcetto d’Alba d.o.c.

Dolcetto d’Alba is a DOC zone producing wines exclusively from the Dolcetto grape. Alba zone is one of the seven Dolcetto one in Piemonete, the others are Acqui, Asti, Diano d’ Alba, Ovada and Dogliani, and Langhe Monregalesi.
The zone around Alba is considered as the finest quality zone of all for Dolcetto.

Grape-variety: 100% Dolcetto

Alcohol: 12,5%

Yield: 48 hectoliters from hectare

Annual production: 77.000 bottles

Fermentation: red wine-making with extended contact with peel Ageing: in steel tanks for 6 months

Cellar life: 2 years in optimum conditions

Tasting notes: the colours of this wine is red ruby. At nose, it’s vinous with black cherry suspicions. At taste, it’s agreeable acid, harmonic and correctly tannic.

Pairings: poultry, venison, game, barbeque

Serving temperature: 18°- 20°C

Storage: bottle lying down




Wine test Estract: 28 g/l

Total sulphites: 80 mg/l

Total acidity: 5,70 g/l

Volatile acidity: 0,20 g/l

Intensity of a colour: 10,1