“Tajarin” – Piemonte egg pasta

Every region of Italy has a type of egg pasta, and this is what one finds in the Langhe of Piemonte. The pasta are quite similar to tagliatelle but cut very finely. It is served either with Piemonte ragù or a rabbit butter sauce. During Autumn, white truffles or white truffle butter is available, tajarin are of course preferred. The pastas cook extremely quickly, a major plus when you are famished.


Tajarin - Piemonte egg pasta


INGREDIENTS: durum wheat, pasteurized fresh eggs cat A. 25%

COOKING TIME: about 5 minutes

BEST BEFORE: within two years after the date of production

PAIRINGS: Tomato sauce with basil, tomato sauce with mushrooms, just extra-virgin olive oil with truffle


tajarin all'uovo