Cocoa pasta

Probably you can’t easily find in a restaurant in Italy, but cocoa pasta or chocolate pasta can surprise an Italian people too! We should require a bit of fantasy of the usual approach to pasta. The addition of a goodly amount of cocoa (2%) in the ingredients changes pasta from something that can be served a lot of ways into something that really wants to be dessert-sweet. For example, a red sauce fruit-based like raspberry, cherry or orange. A white sauce will be creamy and hazelnut. Or a topping with vanilla ice cream.

cocoa pasta

chocolate pasta

But the pairings with a salty sauce can be an option too: sauce made with gorgonzola and hazelnut, or sauce with cream and ham, sauce with edible boletus. In the picture you can see the Farfalle with chocolate and raspberry, with chocolate and mint, with chocolate and milk. But we can prepare Farfalle with orange and chocolate, or tagliatelle or penne or maccheroni with cocoa.