Garlic and anchovies sauce

This is a wonderful warm sauce typical of Piemonte.

The name Bagna càuda comes from “bagno caldo” which means “hot bath”. It is made by combining butter, olive oil, garlic and anchovies. The mixture is heated and guests use wooden skewers or fondue forks to spear a variety of fresh vegetables which are dipped and warmed.
Everyone seems to have their own precise way to make it and you can find easily of lots of recipe on the web.

Autumn is the best time of year for bagna cauda not only because of the new wine, but also because it is a great time of year for vegetables: red and yellow pepper of Carmagnola, “hunchback” cardoon of Nizza Monferrato, tomatoes, slices of raw cabbage, sticks of celery and wedges of fennel, artichokes, roasted beetroot, potatoes, tiny onions, bitter chicory,…

Ready to eat, we can supply you in bagna càuda in glass jar and red and yellow pepper in glass jar.


garlic 60%, anchovies 24%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, cream

180 gr, 280 gr, 500 gr