Sweet gorgonzola d.o.p.

An Italian blue cheese made from pasteurised cows’ milk, gorgonzola is pale yellow and streaked with greenish-blue veins. It has a distinct smell and can be mild, strong or sharp in flavour, depending on its maturity.

Italy’s famous Gorgonzola is made in two styles: sweet (dolce) or natural (naturale).
The main difference between Dolce and Naturale is their age. Gorgonzola Dolce matures for about two months, whereas Gorgonzola Naturale is aged for at least three months and often longer. For both styles, milk is inoculated with penicillin spores to induce blue veining, but the Dolce requires a less intense penicillin culture.

The interior paste of Gorgonzola Dolce is ivory-white in color with subtle blue-green veins that are widely spaced.
Flavors are millky and unctuous, with notes of sour cream and butter and a clean, lactic tang. Flavors are not nearly as assertive as in Gorgonzola Naturale.

Don’t buy a false Gorgonzola, only the one produced in Italy!
Gorgonzola rounds are marked at the origin on both flat faces. Consumers may recognise the cheese when they buy it by the brand printed on the aluminium sheet wrapping the cheese, which is exclusively assigned to the producers authorised by the Consortium.

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