Cotechino and Castelluccio Lentils

In Italy we usually bring good fortune and good taste to our New Year’s Eve guests by serving them lucky cotechino di Modena IGP and lentils at the stroke of midnight.

Cotechino di Modena i.g.p. is a charcuterie product, obtained from a mixture of lean meat, cheek and skin from Italian pigs,
flavoured with natural aromas and spices, stuffed and hand-tied at both ends.
When cut, the slice is compact and typically pinky-reddish in colour, with a very delicate flavour, thanks to the high and controlled quality of the meat used.

Lenticchia di Castelluccio di Norcia IGP are lentils grown in the high plains of Castelluccio di Norcia, located between the regions of the Marche and Umbria, and they have small, round, flat seeds. These unique lentils are often striped and vary in color between speckled green to faded yellow to light brown.  In 1997, the lentils from Caselluccio received the IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) recognition and they are of roughage, iron, protein and mineral salt.

This is a simple receipt for the last day of the year.
Cook the zampone following the instructions on the package. Boil the lentils in salted water with the celery and half an onion. When cooked, after a few hours, drain and remove the celery and onion. Soften the remaining onion, chopped, and the bacon in a pan. Add the lentils and, if you wish to add even more flavour, add the water in the zampone wrapper. Boil slowly until well flavoured. Slice the zampone. To serve, place the boiling lentils on a serving dish and place over the zampone slices.