Aperitif in Milan

Since ancient times, many peoples, before the dinner, drink some aromatic beverages, more or less alcohol. The aim was to whet your appetite, a function that is also discernible in the etymology of the word “cocktail”, which derives from the latin word “aperire”, it means open, start. But the drink was also a meeting point, a chance to socialize with something tasty. By the time the drink were added to the traditional pretzels, but also vegetables in oil and vinegar, pizza and white pizza, sandwiches and other more elaborate appetizers that look like real courses. People tells the day, joking and pulling later, so that dinner will be completely replaced by aperitif. Of course, the ritual varies depending on the city where you are located.
When it comes to drinks, the first Italian city to which you think is Milan, where chips and “bianchino” (a glass of sparkling white wine) before dinner has always been a tradition must. Not for nothing is called the “Milan to drink”.

The aperitif in Milan has become a real phenomenon in the trend. On weekends and weekdays, before dinner, young and old, will meet in the trendiest clubs of Milan for what is called “happy hour”, a Anglo-Saxon tradition, duly changed in accordance with the Italian customs. If originally it means “happy hour” (typically from 18 to 19) in which the spirits are half price, today for “Milan to drink”‘s happy hour can last well over an hour (it goes on for up late in the evening) and is accompanied by hot and cold dishes. Aside olives and nuts, we offer a lavish buffet of pizzas, breads, fried vegetables, salads, pastas, but also hot and cold. It is not uncommon to be offered even exotic flavors combined in a creative way with Italian cuisine.