Mini Gianduiotto

The Mini Gianduiotto is a small chocolate (about 5 gr.) whose shape is similar to an upturned boat, produced from a paste of sugar, cocoa and the hazelnut Tonda Gentile delle Langhe. We can offer different type of Mini Gianduiotto: classic Mini Gianduiotto, dark Mini Gianduiotto, coffee Mini Gianduiotto, sugar free Mini Gianduiotto.

 The wrapping paper of each mini gianduiotto can be customized with your logo or writing.

Storage conditions: We suggest to store the product at a temperature of 17-19°C and relative humidity of 50-60%, preferably in dry conditions and spaces free of odors and away from heat sources. 
Shelf life: If stored at the above conditions, the product maintains its characteristics unchanged up to 17 months.