Italian wine exports continue to shine, up 9.4% since 2011

Italian wine exports continue to rise with some variation on markets and vintage preferences, a Mediobanca report said on Thursday.
Over the last six years, wine exports have risen an average of 6.7% annually, while internal sales have picked up 2.3%.
However, emerging markets in Asia and specifically China, are proving slower to jump on the ‘vino Italiano’ bandwagon.


The Mediobanca report published days before the massive Vinitaly wine trade show kicks off in Verona on April 7 polled 108 Italian producers.
Last year alone, major producers registered a 9.4% overall increase in exports, 50.6% to European countries.
No-growth markets included Africa and the Middle East which both saw a 1.4% drop in exports for 2011.
North America stayed strong with 33.2% of Italian wine exports headed over the pond, up by 7.2% compared to 2011.
Market darling Prosecco continued to shine overseas with a 26% rise in sales in the US and Canada.