Mozzarella for pizza

Although you can make pizza with almost any kind of cheese, mozzarella cheese is the hands-down favorite. Stringy, chewy, and slightly salty, it holds its own without overpowering the other pizza toppings.

There are actually several kinds of mozzarella cheese available for pizza.
So if you’ve been using the packaged, pre-shredded kind that comes in a plastic bag, branch out and try something different. Fresh, high-moisture cheese produces a pizza that‘s quite different from one made with the low-moisture kind.

To make mozzarella, the cheese curds are heated in water until they form into strings. Then they’re stretched, kneaded, and shaped into balls. This fresh cheese is stored in brine and is quite moist, so you’ll need to drain it and press out the liquid before using it to top your pizza. Otherwise, your crust will be limp.

To make low-moisture mozzarella, the fresh mozzarella is then allowed to further sour, then carefully dried in a controlled environment. There are a few reasons why most pizzerias choose low-moisture mozz: First off, it’s got a much longer shelf life.
As for flavor, low-moisture mozzarella is saltier and denser. The best low-moisture mozzarella should stretch and stretch, yet still remain dry enough that the pizza crust remains intact.

We can supply you different type of pizza mozzarella: chopped, load, julienne,…