Importation of pasta in Japan

Imports of pasta in 2012 in Japanese domestic market reached a share of 49.1% (+ 3.4%) by volume, amounting to 142,000 tons (+5.9%).
As the exporting country, Italy is the first that exceeded 87,000 tons (+0.7%) of pasta exported to Japan.

Italian exports accounting for 61.3% (-3.1%) of the total imports of pasta. Turkey is ranked second with about 25,000 tons (+51.4%). Its market share is 17.5% (+ 5.3%).

The impact of the depreciation of the yen (which continues interrupted by the end of last year) hit the importing companies. Consequently, as of April 2013, importers could increase prices by 10-20%. The consequence of this situation might be moving a part of the application to the local products.