Lingue di Suocera – Mother-in-law’s tongues

Lingue di Suocera is baked thin, crips cookie made from a thrice-leavened dough of water, flour, starter yeast. 
Sometimes 20 inches long and five inches wide: it’s made by hand!
It’s typical of the province of Asti, Piemonte

The Lingue di Suocera is explicitly mentioned in several texts of a historical nature and in various orders and rural tenders of 1800/1900. The older baker masters have the memory of the period elapsed from the beginning of the Lingue di Suocera goes back even believe that evidence based at the time in 1700.
The Tongue-in-Law goes well with all the dishes but is offered, usually, with the appetizers.

ingredients: olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, available in rosemary, onion, olive flavours