Gorgonzola D.O.P. piccante (spicy)

Gorgonzola is produced the year round, from whole cow’s milk supplied by the member farms of our cooperative located within the typical geographic area. Once pasteurised, the milk is curdled in 6-quintal capacity vats at a temperature of ca 34°C with the prior addition of calf rennet paste, special ferments and Penicillium spores. When the curd has set, it is cut and is left to sit on drain tables to eliminate the whey, then it is formed manually into the desired shape by means of moulds. The surfaces of the wheels produced in this manner are sprinkled with dry salt. Maturation is obtained by placing the cheese on pinewood shelves, in cool cellars, at a temperature of 4°-5°C, with 95-98% humidity. During the ageing process, the flat faces of the wheels are pierced to inoculate the mould spores that will vein the cheese, and the wheels are turned periodically. The minimum ageing period is 80 days, but the optimal length of time to prepare the cheese for consumption is 120 -130 days.

Storage conditions
: during storage and transport, the cheese must be kept at a temperature of 4°C.

Shelf life: 60 days of the date of packaging.

Physical and organoleptic characteristics
SHAPE: cylindrical, with high straight sides and flat faces, bearing the mark of origin and the dairy ID number, 57.
DIMENSIONS: 15-19 cm in height, 30-32 cm in diameter.
WEIGHT: ca 11.5-12.5 kg.
RIND: pinkish/orange structure, free from cracks and fissures.
CONSISTENCY: firm, elastic.
THICKNESS: 2-5 mm.
PASTE: raw paste with a compact structure, white or straw yellow, veined through the abundant development of dark green mould, and having a firm,
compact texture; no eyes.
TASTE: sharp and piquant.