White truffle

From the mountains of Italy, these precious gems from the earth abound with a rich aroma and flavor that none other can bring to your dish. The best Italian white truffle, Tuber magnatum pico, is popularly known as the White Alba truffle, prized for its superb gastronomic qualities. In the Piemontese dialect they are called trifola d’Alba (the white truffle of Alba).

The white truffle is a hypogean fungus, living entirely underground, ensconced among the roots trees, and those among the oaks are the most sought after by the trifulau (truffle hunter) and their dog. The keen noses that hunt for the white truffle are those of various breeds of hunting dogs that are specially trained to search among the trees.

Remember, white truffles are almost never cooked, since the bulk of their flavor lies in the strong scent. You will just slice them thinly (don’t forget the truffle slicer!) and use them to finish off a preparation. The heat of the dish will bring out the intense aroma of the winter white truffle for a fabulous effect.

NOTE: Fresh white truffles are charged based on the actual weight shipped. Truffle prices can change weekly, and you will be charged based on the prevailing price the week your order ships.