Classic panettone

The Panettone cannot never miss on the table during the holiday season, and it has very ancient origins. 

The panettone with raisins and butter belongs to the tradition of various Italian regions , and is distinguished by small details . There is the “low panettone Piemonete” and “Bisciola” from Valtellina, the “Pandolce” from Genova and “Mecoulin”, typical of Cogne. But the classic Panettone is governed by the Ministry of Productive Activities, which set a series of elements that set it apart : dough, crust, shape, and above all the ingredients.

We have mentioned the fact that the ingredients of the cake are set by law.
The classic Panettone should contain: butter (not less than 16% ), candied citrus peel, sugar, wheat flour, eggs (minimum 4% egg yolk ), salt, leaven. If desired, you can add: honey, milk and dairy products, cocoa butter, malt, spices, other yeast (not more than 1% ), preservatives such as potassium sorbate and sorbic acid.


The differences between one brand and the other concerned with the quality of the raisins, candied fruits, flour and these elements can improve the product. There are also other factors to consider: the mode of leavening and cooling and the capacity of the manufacturer.