The difference between real Italian food versus Italian food at a franchise

Like any culture’s food, if you didn’t grow up in an Italian family, you wouldn’t know the true differences between authentic Italian cuisines versus meals you may eat at an Italian franchise chain restaurant.

At a franchised restaurant, the experience, menu and atmosphere is duplicated at each location. And while the menu may contain “Italian dishes,” you won’t be experiencing the same quality or tastes that are offered in the dishes at an authentic, privately-owned and operated, Italian restaurant.

When most people think of Italian food, pastas, lasagna and pizza comes to mind. But traditional Italian food offers a variety of delicious dishes, made with fresh ingredients and the homemade touch that real Italian cuisine is known for. If you’ve never dined at an authentic Italian restaurant, you may come to discover several dishes you don’t even realize are traditionally Italian.

While pastas and pizzas are a part of Italian food, there is also seafood, chicken and beef dishes, along with a variety of soups, salads and desserts made the traditional Italian way. True Italian food is made with many different ingredients that make each dish bursting with flavour, and texture. Most of these dishes have been passed down through the generations adding to authenticity of your meal.

Each region in Italy has dishes that are unique to that region. This means a pasta dish from Northern Italy could be made slightly different than one in the South. This variation in ingredients, added to the individual way Italians prepare their food, means the flavour possibilities are endless.

Unlike in franchise Italian restaurants, food is made from fresh ingredients and made to order and things such as pasta and gnocchi are made from scratch. You won’t find pre-made pasta at an authentic Italian restaurant, and having a pasta dish made from homemade pasta offers a taste that’s incomparable to dishes that contain pre-made ingredients.