Organic pasta

Gusti d’Italia has justed to cooperate with an handmade pasta factory, specialized only in organic pasta.

All our varieties of pasta and speciality foods are produced near Turin in Italy. Here pasta and other specialites like snacks and branpuffed products, flakes and seasonings, flours, cereals and toasted grains for alternative drinks to coffee.
The producer carries out all of the milling, pasta-making, extrusion, flaking and toasting processes involved in the creation of the products. From the grain to the plate: the unique methods of processing the raw materials enable us to preserve all of their original qualities.

The nutritional value of the products allows for food combinations that guarantee a healthy, wholesome diet. In addition, we like to consider the wellbeing of the natural world, and 70% of our energy requirements are fulfilled by our own hydroelectric system: a clean, renewable source of power.

We only use prime raw materials, selected and purchased directly from the growers. Every single ingredient (from the grain to the flours and seasonings) is subjected to rigorous testing procedures in association with SINAL-certified laboratories.

As well as the 41 varieties of pasta, which cater for every possible taste, recipe and tradition, you can find a whole range of special products.
These include the “Momenti Speciali” (Special Moments) range, dedicated to the types of pasta generally served on Sundays: Lasagne and Nidi .

We carry out a series of rigorous checks and controls on the raw materials and all the way along the production and distribution chain, right through to the finished product, enabling us to obtain all possible information at every stage of the process. This stringent safety procedure enables us to guarantee the very highest standards.

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