Taleggio d.o.p.

Taleggio d.o.p. can be produced in Piemonte too, in the province of Novara.
It is a table cheese but is well suited for the preparation of pasta dishes like risotto, pasta and polenta. Great after a meal accompanied by seasonal fruits, it should be served at room temperature to enhance aroma and flavor.

Physical and organoleptic characteristics
SHAPE: square, bearing the mark of origin and the dairy ID number, 49.

DIMENSIONS: 18 to 20 cm sides.

WEIGHT: 2 to 2.4 kg.

RIND: Its natural colour is a more or less intense shade of pink, showing the typical streaks.

CONSISTENCY: soft, elastic.
PASTE: raw paste cheese, straw-white coloured, with
a few tiny eyes and a firm consistency, slightly softer
under the rind.
TASTE: sweet with a slight tangy aroma

Ingredients : milk, salt, rennet.
Production method : Taleggio is made from whole cow’s milk coming from our farms. First of all, the milk undergoes a pasteurisation treatment, then it is processed according to artisan techniques in the typical 6-q. capacity vats.
Manual, exclusively dry salting. For the ageing process, the cheese is placed on wooden shelves in static cooling cellars, at a temperature of 4°-5°C mated to a high humidity content. Minimum ageing period is 35 days, and the optimal length of ageing before consumption is 40-50 days.
Shelf life: 60 days of the date of packaging. Retail: for its characteristics to be best appreciated, the product should be consumed within about ten days of purchase.