Carnaroli rice

The Carnaroli rice grains have the highest content of amylose, a substance that contributes to make the grain compact.
For this reason, it boasts special gastronomic attitudes with an escellent balance between good absorption capacity and little starch loss so that there is no danger of overcooking.

This makes it an excellent rice variety, particularly appreciated by great chefs for the ability of its grains to stay hard at the core and to stay perfect and well separated.

Carnaroli rice is a short-grain rice used primarily to make risotto. Compared to the more widely available Arborio, it has a smaller grain with a super-high starch content. What that means is that it can absorb huge amounts of liquid without overcooking, creating the ultra-creamy yet toothsome texture that is the hallmark of a superior risotto.

WEIGHT: 500 g – 1 Kg – 10 kg 

COOKING TIME: 15 – 17 min.
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