Toma Piemontese d.o.p.

Table cheese made with whole milk, pressed into a cylindrical shape with flat sides, slightly convex; rind is inedible and the colour ranges from light straw to brown-reddish depending on maturing, paste is moderately firm and smooth, it has tiny, white, white-straw coloured scattered holes.

In the mouth, it tends to be pleasantly perfumed, sweet, aromatic.

Milk utilized: vaccine, whole, heat treated

Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet .

Rind: inedible.

Maturing: small: at least 15 days – large: at least 60 days.

ŽPackaging: whole cheese wrapped separately, Ž packed in cardboard boxes on request (36x36x12). A whole cheese may maintain its characteristics for a period of at least 2 months from when it is dispatched, provided that it is not sectioned and preserved at 4°c(+2)

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