Italian soft drink: Chinotto

There are some soft drinks that are 100% made in Italy.
One of the most particular Italian soft drinks is Chinotto.

Chinotto is a sparkling Italian soft drink named after the small, bitter citrus fruit of the Myrtle-leaved orange tree. The tree is believed to have originated in China, hence the name. Today Chinotto fruit is mostly cultivated in Italy, where the peel extract is an essential ingredient in Italian Bitters (‘Amari’); alcoholic liqueurs drunk either as a digestif or an aperitif. San Pellegrino claim to have formulated the first Chinotto soft drink in 1932, today marketed under the brand name of Chino.

It’s a sparkling beverage with a bittersweet taste and a color reminiscent of Coca-Cola.
Opening with a fruity caramel, cola flavour on the palate, a long and controlled progression of sweet to bitter follows. Flavours of spice cake and ginger at first, cassia and clove, then black cherry, fig and toffee. Subtle notes of liquorice and menthol emerge to add further points of interest along the gently bitter, persistent finish.

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