Bra Tenero d’alpeggio D.O.P.

The Italian cheese ‘Bra’ comes from the town of Bra in Cuneo in the region of Piemonte, Italy.

Though the production of this cheese now takes place in many different areas or regions, the one that is produced within the province of Cuneo is considered to be the most authentic. It is made from cow’s pasteurized or unpasteurized milk but small amounts of goat or sheep’s milk can also be added while manufacturing the cheese sometimes. While the cheese has small eyes, its rind generally is off-white or beige in color and interior ranges from pale-yellow to dark yellow-orange.

Fresh table cheese, made with whole milk, pressed into a cylindrical shape with flat sides, the rind is smooth and uniform and light grey in colour and inedible, paste is moderately firm and supple, it has small white, white – ivory holes that are not particularly scattered.

Bra Tenero D.O.P. may adorn itself with being called, ”alpeggio” (mountain pasture) as it observes item 3,2,3, in section 02 in conformity with the DISCIPLINARY REGULATION REGARDING
It may adorn itself with being called “alpeggio” as it practises the differentiated refuse collection of milk that comes from different areas in the mountain.
The Caseificio is situated in a mountainous region and the product is matured in store-rooms close to the producer’s premises.

Technical Characteristics:
Milk utilized: vaccine, whole, pasteurized
Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet. It may contain traces of cereal derivates
Rind: inedible
Maturing: for at least 45 days.
Packaging: whole cheeses wrapped separately are to be preserved at 4°C(+2) whole cheeses packed in cardboard boxes on request (36x36x12)
a whole cheese may maintain its characteristics for a period of at least 2 months from when it is dispatched provided that it is not sectioned and it is preserved at 4°C (+2)

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