Alcohol free wine

Product: grape-juice, alcohol free

Characteristcs: natural grape juice, alcol free, with no added sugars

Area of production: hilly area of Reggio Emilia/Emilia Romagna Region/North of Italy

Grapes: Spergola, Trebbiano

Vineyards: grown on calcareous and clayey soil, with the vertical trellis system, the containment of vegetation, and the peculiar Guyot pruning

Production method: after the soft press of the grapes, and the subsequent maceration on the skins at low temperature, the must is immediatley sent into steel tanks at 0°C  temperature, in order to stop the alcoholic fermentation

Color: pale yellow

Aroma: fresh and fruity

Taste: well balanced, pleasantly sweet and intense

Serving temperature: 8-10°C