Bra Duro d’alpeggio D.O.P.

Table cheese and if necessary may be grated, pressed into a cylindrical shape with flat sides, the rind is hard and firm, in a dark, beige colour, inedible , paste is firm and it has tiny opaque holes that darken in a goose yellow colour that are just about invisible and not particularly scattered.
It is tasteful, almond flavoured and spicy at times.

Moreover, Bra Duro D.O.P. may adorn itself with being called “alpeggio” (alpine pasture) as it observes item 3.2.3. in section 02 in conformity with disciplinary regulations regarding product certification.

Technical Characteristics:
 Milk utilized: vaccine, semi-skimmed, raw
 Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet .It may contain traces of cereal derivatives
 Rind: inedible, treated with soja seed oil
 Maturing: for at least 180 days.
 Packaging: whole cheese wrapped separately
 Packed in cardboard boxes on request (36x36x12).
 A whole cheese may maintain its characteristics for a period of at least 6 months from when it is dispatched, provided that it is not sectioned and preserved at 4°c(+2)

weight 6 – 8 ch
diameter 30 – 40 cm.
fat s/s >=32%
Bare 7 – 9 cm.