The preparation of the pizza in Tokyo follows the precise standards inspired by Italy. 
The pizzeria’s specializing in Neapolitan-style artisan pizzas emerge one after the other throughout Japan , with chefs who are going to prepare the pizza with the same meticulous zeal that led to the country awards in other cuisines . ( Nearly 50 French restaurants in Tokyo have at least one Michelin star. )

The pizza produced in Japan today reflects the traditional style of minimalist country, avoiding unusual toppings that were fashionable once . 
The pizza, in fact, was introduced in Japan by the American chains like Shakey’s in the 70s , and featured versions with condiments such as mayonnaise, teriyaki chicken and cod roe .

The recognition of the quality of the Japanese pizza is growing too: in Japan there are 54 pizzeria’s certified as authentic by the”True Neapolitan Pizza Napoletana” , the Italian association fixing the strict standards in terms of authenticity of the pizza . 
With this presence , Japan ranks second only after the United States , including countries outside of Italy. In 2010 , Akinari Makishima , a pizza maker in Nagoya, won first prize in the international championship organized by the pizzaiolo.