Pinot nero 100%


The grapes are picked up only by hand usually by the middle of August when the grape is not completely mature and preserves the right acidity level


The must is immediately keep apart from the skins in order to avoid the taking out of the color; during the fermentation, at controlled temperature, the wine enriches itself of ethereal and delicate perfume of Pinot grape. After some months of rest the wine is put in tank where, at low temperature, takes place the fermentation with the Charmat method, which makes it sparkling. Before selling it, the wine is kept in dark and fresh room for a month

Bottles: 18.000

Alcohol: 12% vol.

Sugars: 9,5 g/I

Total acidity: 7,6 g//

Special bottle sizes: Magnum, Jeroboam

Organoleptic characteristcs

Organoleptic characteristics: light yellow color with greenish highlight, with a delicate and persistent perlage; typical bouquet which reminds to green fruits and reveal a dry, harmonic and elegant taste. Excellent for aperitif, best served with light dishes, fish dishes especially with shellfish, fresh cheeses. Serving temperature 8-10° C