Ghemme d.o.c.g.

Colour and Bouquet: ruby red with garnet hues, the nose is intense, complex, refined, with hints of red fruits, licorice, vanilla and tobacco, the palate is decided, dry, fruity and balanced with a finish of red berries and black cherry.

Vine: Nebbiolo Spanna 95% Uva Rara 5%.

Vineyard: 4.700 sqm. Plants with an averange of 40 years. Density of 3.000 plants/hectare. Exposure South/west, altitude 300 metres above sea level.
Sandy melted ground .

Pruning: Guyot.

Yield: for the 2004 harvest the yield per hectare has been of 6,5 tons and the yield grape-wine of 65%.

Wine-making: fermentation in steel tanks at constant temperature of 26°, with a maceration of ten days and malolactic fermentation in steel.

Aging: thirthy-six months in casks of 25 hl, seven months in steel and at least nine months in bottle.

actual alcoholic strength of 12.70% v.
Total acidity of 5,70 g/l.
Total sulphur dioxide content of 38 mg/l.
Production: no 1,300 bottles 750 ml.

Serving temperature: 18°

Potential aging: 10-15 years

Wines produced in our cellar are not filtered, therefore we recommend to decant as they may be present natural dregs.

ghemme 2006