Try pasta dish Valtellina’s Pizzoccheri

This week we are going to discover the pizzoccheri, a traditional peasant dish from the Lombardy region, and more precisely from an area called Valtellina, which is a stunning valley bordering Switzerland.


Pizzoccheri are thick and short tagliatelle-like pasta, made with a mix of buckwheat flour and durum wheat (the traditional proportions are 80% buckwheat and 20% durum wheat), which confer to the dish a very earthy, rustic flavour.

Traditionally they are served with cheese, potatoes and savoy cabbage, but the latter can be substituted with other vegetables, such as cavolo nero, Swiss chards, or green beans.

It is an incredibly tasty dish, loved also by children, very comforting and ideal to warm up these cold winter evenings. Try to make it at home this weekend, it is very easy and relatively quick to prepare.