Raschera D.O.P.

Raschera is a cheese which is matured for at least one month. It has a raw, pressed and semi hard paste. It has a fine and delicate flavour, slightly spicy and salty if well matured. The texture is consistant, elastic, with small irregular holes dotted throughout the cheese. The colour is white or ivory.

Raschera is a very good table cheese which is produced and matured without preservatives; it is also reccomended for various dishes, for example melted in rissottos, vegetables and special dishes or diced in salads.

Table cheese made with heat treated whole milk pressed in a cylindrical shape with flat sides, or quadrangular with flat sides; it has a smooth and uniform grey reddish inedible rind, depending on maturing; the paste is rather firm and smooth , it has small holes that are scattered and uniform in a white, white- ivory colour.

Technical Characteristics
Milk utilized: vaccine, whole, heat treated

Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet

Rind: inedible.

Maturing: for at least 30 days.

Packaging: whole cheese wrapped separately to be preserved at 4°c (+2). packed in cardboard boxes on request (36x36x12).
a whole cheese may maintain its characteristics for a period of at least 2 months from when it is dispatched, provided that it is not sectioned and preserved at 4°c(+2)

Round Raschera
weight 5,8 – 8 ch
diameter 30 – 40 cm
bare 6-9 cm
Square Raschera
weight 6-9 ch
diameter 38-40 cm each side
Bare 7 – 15 cm
Fat s/s >=32