Grape-variety: 100% Barbera

Alcohol: 13% – 14%

Ageing: the vinification is traditional with maceration for about 10 days, at temperature 25-28 ° C.
The malolactic fermentation takes place as soon as the alcoholic fermentation finishes ; the wine follows a period of aging in French oak barrels of third pass and ends in the bottle to enhance the uniqueness and smoothness . The grape is a beautiful deep blue color , with juicy pulp and acidity , velvety skin and firm , with very compact  grapes.

Cellar life: 3 years in optimum conditions

Tasting notes: ruby red, with flowerish and fruitish smell. Tender taste, with mature cheries’ fragrances.

Pairings: pasta, vegetable soups, meats

Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C

Storage: bottle upright





This wine, 2016 vintage, is been awarded a Silver metal with 90 points: Certificate_WINE101460_IT_PIED_DAWA2017