Toma with herbs

Toma is a Piemonte cheese, produced with whole or partly skimmed cow’s milk.

Fresh table cheese made with whole milk, pressed into a cylindrical shape with flat sides; the rind is inedible in a colour ranging from light grey to reddish brown depending on maturing, paste is moderately firm and supple, it has small and scattered holes in a white, white straw colour.

 When processing is carried out, the Santureya herb is added to the curd and it is mixed into the paste in an even and uniform way.

 The cheese is pleasantly perfumed, tasteful and slightly acid.

Technical Characteristics
 Milk utilized: vaccine, whole, heat treated
 Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet .
 Rind: inedible.
 Maturing: for at least 15 days.
 Packaging: whole cheese wrapped separately to be preserved at 4°c (+2).
 packed in cardboard boxes on request (36x36x12).
 a whole cheese may maintain its characteristics for a period of at least 2 months from when it is dispatched, provided that it is not sectioned and preserved at 4°c(+2)

Characteristics: Nutritioanal chart
weight 1,8 – 3 ch
diameter 15 – 20 cm
Bare 6– 10 cm
Fat s/s >=40%