P.S.T. (Park Street Trattoria)

We’d like to share with you the review of this restaurant in Colombo (Sri Lanka), where you can find the Gusti d’Italia’s selection of cured ham and cheese.
I can honestly never get enough of Italian food so when I found out about PST (Park Street Trattoria) it was almost a natural instinct to try out what they had on offer. The restaurant creates a casual atmosphere similar to that of having a meal in a home of an Italian family, Alessandra Rocchi the owner of the restaurant explains. The set up is an inviting one thus allowing you to sit for hours while indulging in some delectable fare.
Taste – 5 stars, Value for money – 5 stars
All the food is designed to be shared therefore we were told the portions are sufficient but apart from the pizzas I felt the other items can only be shared comfortably among two people. The portions aside, the food was extremely tasty and absolute value for money.
The pizzas had my heart from the get go. Especially the Pataie Al Forno & Pancetta (Rs 1,800) with its soft, thin base topped with chunky potatoes, imported pancetta, mozzarella and tomato sauce it was divine. The idea of lightly sealed potato on a pizza with pancetta was like a dream.
The more simpler Primavera (Rs 1,400) was a treat too. The ingredients, that of thin slices of grilled vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and carrots along with mozzarella and tomato sauce, were filled with such simple flavours.
The mains are divided into small and big plates. The former can be indulged as a number of starters while the latter can be your main course or shared. Among the small plates we tried out some delicious Bruschetta Avocado and Parma (Rs 780). Homemade bread is used for the base and topped with creamy avocado and imported Parma ham. The balance of the creamy and bland avocado and slightly salty Parma ham was just stunning. But my favourite among the Bruschetta options was the Traditional Bruschetta (Rs 450). I loved how the Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil had slowly soaked into the bread which was topped with fresh tomato and garlic. I could have easily been happy with a few more of these plates!
I still cannot get over the creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce that dressed the potato gnocchi to perfection creating the Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola (Rs 1,750). What a simple yet stunning dish this was.
The Chef’s Platter (Rs 2,900) was the only big plate we tried out. It was a filling dish consisting of a selection of Italian antipasti, avancini, cold cuts, cheeses and homemade chutney. The cold cuts and cheeses used in this and other dishes are displayed in a cold room in the restaurant itself.
We were offered Gelato (Rs 320 per scoop), from Il Gelato, for dessert. W had a combination of three scoops, that of, Pistachio, Dark Chocolate and Mixed Berry. The owners of the restaurant also own this famous Gelato parlour.
Friendly staff – 4 stars
The staff are relatively friendly and polite.
Toilets – 5 stars
Extremely clean and well stocked with the necessary toiletries.
Parking – 5 stars
There is plenty of parking on the road and inside the parking lot.
Hours of operation: 11.30am to 11.30pm
Address: Located at Park Street Mews

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