Italy food & wine export booming on Christmas

With more than 3 billion euro, the Made in Italy food & wine industry reaches the highest record in history with regard to the exports during the Christmas season

With more than 3 billion euro, the Made in Italy food & wine industry reaches the highest record in history with regard to the exports of panettone, cheese, pasta, meats, wines, spumante (sparkling wine), grappa and spirits during the Christmas season.

This is what emerges from the latest analysis conducted by Coldiretti, the main organization of farmers in Italy.

The report drafted by Coldiretti/IXE’ – “Natale sulle tavole degli Italiani”, i.e. “Christmas around Italians’ dining tables”– was presented in Rome, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Maurizio Martina, and shows an overall increase of 8% from the same period last year in the export of Italian products.

What the report highlights is that the growth of exports largely depends on the increased demand of typical Christmas products, such as spumante (+19%) and panettone (+9%).

Britain and the United States classify as the largest export markets for Italian spumante, with a respective growth of 50% and 32% in imports of the typical festive drink.

To follow, Germany and France –where the demand of Italian spumante has grown by 19%.

Prosecco, Asti, Trento DOC and Franciacorta are among the most widely consumed Italian sparkling wines at the international level. According to Coldiretti, the consumption of Italian spumante will beat that of French sparkling wine, during the upcoming holiday season.

The study elaborated by Coldiretti –based on official statistical figures for the first nine months of 2015– shows an increase also with regard to the export of pasta (+7%), wine (+8%) and cheese (+4%), with a growth of 31% in the export of Sardinian cheeses, such ad Pecorino and Fiore Sardo.

“We are proud to see that Italy has been able to achieve this record despite the Russian embargo, which has established the total ban on a list of food products including fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat and sausages, since August 2014,” said a Coldiretti’s spokesman.

“The record achieved by Italy shows the great potential that the Italian food has in driving the recovery of the entire Made in Italy,” said the president of Coldiretti Roberto Moncalvo.

According to Moncalvo, what could lead to even more positive trends on the international markets would be a greater protection of the so-called international “food piracy”.

“Two out of three Italian products available abroad are fake,” said Moncalvo. “In this context, the export plan announced by the government is extremely relevant, as it includes for the first time actions to to prevent food piracy abroad.”