Meliga pastries

Meliga pastries are typical biscuits of the Cuneo valleys, here in Piemonte.
According to the tradition they were born in order to face a poor harvest that increased abruptly the price of wheat.
The bakers began to mix the fine flour (today called OO flour) with a particular corn (“melia” or “meliga” in Piedmontese), ie with the flour made from finely ground corn that cannot be used for polenta but is destined to package sweets.
The key ingredient of these Meliga pastries is corn flour, called ‘meliga’ in local dialect.

Each golden coloured biscuit weighs 10 – 12 grams, is crunchy, sweet and the various shapes depend on the local tradition.


gr. 220
gr. 280
gr. 300
gr. 400
kg 1
kg 1.5
kg 3