Crumiri biscuits

This is a famous Piemonte biscuit whose origins can be found at Casale Monferrato.

Krumiri, with K, is the original product of Krumiri Rossi from 1878, in Casale Monferrato…this is the legend:
According to legend Krumiri were invented partly for fun and partly by chance. Italy had been a unified country for only a few years and the repercussions of the Risorgimento could still be felt. After spending an evening with friends in his local café, Domenico Rossi invited them all to his confectioner’s kitchen and there, with a little alchemy and a touch of magic, he baked the very first Krumiri. We don’t really know for sure if that’s exactly what happened, but that’s what legend tells and we believe it. One thing we do know for sure is that in 1878, as the newspapers of the day report, the one and only Krumiri were an instant sweet success in the Italian art of confectionery.

 Now it’s one of the most famous biscuit in Piemonte,a food specialty suited to every moment and occasion: after a dinner with friends, paired with by a fine liqueur or with a good cup of tea.
Or simply at breakfast for children.

ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, eggs, natural vanilla

shelf life: 12 months

gr 280 – gr 300