Functional water

Italian mineral water bottler Ferrarelle has launched a new thermal-origin mineral water with beneficial effects on the body’s hepatobiliary and intestinal systems.

With a super premium positioning, Fonte Essenziale aims to be a natural mineral water particularly suited to clean the liver, stimulate bowel motility and facilitate proper evacuation. In order to feel the full benefits of the water, it it is recommended to drink two 400ml glasses of Fonte Essenziale at room temperature every morning, according to the results of studies and research.

The brand has opted for a 1 litre polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle from PET Engineering, such that a six-pack of the water provides the recommended quantity for 15 days’ worth of treatment. The designers were inspired by the simple geometry of tableware glasses, developing an essential and clean-shaped packaging design with no decorations, but at the same time elegant and delicate, PET Engineering said.

The use of a transparent preform, thicker than the rest of the 1 liter PET bottles on the market, has allowed the packaging manufacturer to obtain a full gloss and transparency similar to premium glass offerings in the HoReCa sector.

“The purity of the material, its flat base, the thin label attached to the lower part of the bottle, enhanced by the creative look and feel of the brand developed by Life Comunicazione, strongly express the values and the preciousness of this water of a unique positioning,” a company spokesperson said.