Crisp almond cantuccini

Cantuccini, an original Tuscan cookies, are dry biscuits: in Tuscany, these cookies are eaten after a meal soaked in a fortified wine called vin santo.

They are the unmistakable diagonally-cut, twice-baked biscuits; a shower of almonds combined with a delicate hint of vanilla and citrus, a crunchy delight that exhilarates the senses.
Eggs, fresh milk, almonds, sugar and honey are the secrets of a recipe that follows tradition, but retains its charm over time, from its appearance at the Medici court, creating an unbreakable bond with Tuscany.

The almond Cantuccini are made by processing selected raw materials.

175g bag – 250g bag – 300g bag – 400g bag – 600g bag – 800g bag