MENABREA LA 150° BIONDA – Premium lager


Lager beer produced by bottom fermentation. Premium Lager.
Brewed with water, malt, maize, hops. The best raw materials, a long maturation and the pure, light water from the Biella Alps have given this beer, since 1846, a full and refined taste. It is a well-balanced beer with a notable floral/fruity aroma thanks to the selected yeasts used in the brewing process.

  • Colour: Pale
  • Body: Rounded
  • Bitterness: Moderate
  • Taste balance: Exceptional

Recommended drinking temperature 6/8 degrees Celsius.


  • Extract 11,20° Plato
  • Alcohol 4,80% Vol.
  • Calorific value 38 Kcal/100g
  • Carbon Dioxide Keg 4,8 g/l
  • Carbon Dioxide Bottle 5,5 g/l


Water, barley malt and hops.


Barley malt.


menabrea lager bionda