Canestrellino cookies

The Canestrello is a typical cake of the Ligurian tradition, unmistakable thanks to its characteristic round shape with a “scalloped” outside and a hole in the center.
A delicious and fragrant flower, perfect to sweeten every moment of the day.

In addition to the classic version, there are two delicious variants:  canestrelli with hazelnut and canestrelli with chocolate chips.
It’s from the Canestrello that a new goodness sprouts: the Canestrellino. With small proportions but with a great flavour, it’s incomparable thanks to its crispness, so pleasant and palatable, and to its white layer of icing sugar, sprinkled after baking.
A tasty variation on the classical product are the chocolate-covered Canestrellini: similar to the Canestrellini and characterized by a delicious cover of the finest cocoa.

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