Beer made with coffee beans

Porters are usually low in alcohol and very easy to drink. This is exactly how this beer is.

Arabica porter was created jointly with the coffee-roaster Caffè Vergnano, who supplies the most suitable coffee blend and expert technical advice. This is a completely black beer presenting a nut-coloured head and the unmistakable and irresistible aroma of fresh coffee. With the first sip you notice delicate notes of malted barley and roasted coffee, an intriguing aroma profile and a dry finish. It can be enjoyed as a refreshing beer on hot days thanks also to it low alcohol content (4.5% a/v).

Excellent with chocolate-based deserts, dark chocolate and even barbecued meat.
For a Scandinavian experience try Arabicaporter with salmon or smoked herring.

Recommended serving temperature 10°-12°C

alc: 4.5%