Gusti d’Italia at ARTOUR-O the MUST

Gusti d’Italia is been one of the sponsor of ARTOUR-O the MUST in Firenze, from 10th to 13st March 2011. ARTOUR the MUST-O is a meeting with contemporary art in context within the living situations and historical buildings. MUST is an acronym for “Temporary Museum” and it is in the format that is the main feature of the event or rather being a modulated museum, and then a traveling museum created to be easily carried abroad. The concepts on which there is an exhibition are Art and Design, an international meeting to explore the creativity of our country from the past until today.   ARTOUR MUST is been in Firenze, March 10 to 13, focusing on art, design, food, fashion, music, a new formula in partnership with the Hotel 5 star Villa La Vedetta. Gusti d’Italia had taken care the wines for the buffet during the dinner at Villa La Vedetta: all the wines were coming from Piemonte. Our presence in Firenze is been the opportunity to taste some typical dishes from Toscana: ribollita and baccalà alla livornese (Livorno style dried salt-cured cod) Ribollita is a famous soup whose name literally means “reboiled”. The origin of ribollita is peasant: it was originally made by reheating the leftover minestrone or vegetable soup from the previous day. Baccalà alla livornese is a dish coming from the city of Livorno: the cod is prepared with extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato, garlic, parsley and hot pepper.