Colourful lingue di suocera (pasta…)

Gusti d’Italia is happy to introduce a new product,  lingue di suocera. This traditional hand made pasta, made by Gusti d’Italia, is a wonderful colourful pasta. At sight this pasta is long, twisted and lined with barbs, and it’s called  Lingua di Suocera, which literally translates to “mother in law tongues”. In Italy you can find lingue di suocera referred to different products: biscuit (in Piemonte, Aqui Terme and Rocchetta Tanaro) or flat bread made with olive oil and herbs (Liguria). The beautiful colouring is added by introducing natural dyes to the dough, spinach for green, paprika for orange, tomato for red, beet for violet and curcuma for yellow. This pasta can be an perfect gift for your event!