Extra virgin olive oil in ceramic bottle

Our extra virgin olive oil is granted and certificated from the protected geographic indication D.O.P. “Land of Bari – region Casel del Monte” and it is made with olives coming only from own lands (they also have the certification D.O.P.) in the variety Coratina. Coratina olive is a variety grown only from traditional farmers and from those who do not want to compromise quality with quantity. This olive variety produces a consistent and fragrant Extra Virgin Olive Oil of golden/green color. The sweet flavour, with a slightly bitter, gives to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil a strong personality. It is particularly indicated: uncooked to dress salads, bruschette (toasted bread seasoned with garlic, olive oil and salt), bresaola (cured raw beef), and roasted fish; cooked to prepare soups, first courses and legumes. The colour is green with golden yellow reflexes, the smell is intense fruity, the taste fruity, with almond aftertaste. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from fresh and healthy olives. They are reaped at a calculated maturation point in order to give to the oil its characteristic taste. The olives are followed during all the maturation process until the harvesting: the olives from our land are picked and on the very same day, they are transported for two miles to be screened from leaves and any other impurities like soil and little stones and cold pressed into our finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP.

How the ceramic bottle is produced manually