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Italian Wine Values

Wine values exist in many countries, but perhaps no nation produces as many reasonably priced wines of very good quality as Italy. The reasons for this? There are many, but perhaps the primary cause is the fact that most wines in Italy are made with indigenous varieties, many of which [...]
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Why Italy thinks its coffee should get Unesco heritage status

The Italian government has applied for traditional Italian espresso coffee to be added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. But not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea. After Unesco recognised the cultural importance of Neapolitan pizza-making in 2017, Italy now says its coffee too deserves a spot on the [...]
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Americans Want to Eat Healthier, But Price is a Factor

There’s a gap between how consumers want to eat and their spending habits, according to Nielsen. Americans’ commitment to healthy foods is sporadic. For example, nearly all Americans purchased a low-fat food or beverage this year, but households only do so about twice a month. Similarly, U.S. homes are only buying [...]
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Why Italian Food rules the world

Joe Biden, former US vice-president and running in the 2020 Democratic presidential race, has very precise dietary requirements when he travels to speaking engagements. Tiramisu, or ‘pick me up’ is one of the world’s favourite desserts. Photo: William Meppem The Washington Post reported recently: “For his speeches – whether in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Fort [...]
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