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Novi extra dark chocolate bar

NeroNero CoffeeDark with 70% cocoa originally selected and 100% Arabica coffee grain NeroNero, a line of chocolate bar in elegant cases, designed for those who want to enjoy Novi dark chocolate in all its nuances and variations. NeroNero 70% dark with 100% Arabica coffee grain.Bitter and intense taste. Packages available: [...]
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De Cecco 7 cereals pasta

Wheat, Spelt, Barley, Rye, Oat, Corn and MilletThis original 7-Grain Pasta from De Cecco is deliciously tasty, a completely new experience. The unique blend of durum wheat semolina flour with another six carefully selected and cold-milled cereal grains makes for a pasta with a genuine taste, a wonderful fragrance and [...]
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Fernet Branca Italian amaro

27 herbs, roots and spices are the basis which gives the typical brown color of the liquid and come from five contintents: Rhubarb from China, Gentian from France, Galanga from India or from Sri Lanka, Chamomile from Europe of Argentina…. Just to name a few. Herbs, roots and spices are [...]
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Italian food exports staying strong, despite the COVID-19 pandemic

We all know how hard hit the food industry has been by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything from manufacturers and distributors, the import/export biz  down to the small mom-and-pop food shops have been severely impacted by the virus. When Italy’s crisis hit, and the country was essentially in a tight lockdown, [...]
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