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Floral Italian whites perfect for spring sipping

ISACS is the founder and CEO of EnjoyGourmet, a leading gourmet digital ( and print media company in China. He has authored over a dozen wine and food books including the awarded ISACS Guides and other gourmet books and is a wine consultant to governments, wine regions and organizations. He [...]
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The sexy history behind this popular Italian dessert

If you feel a bit sexy after indulging in tiramisu, you’re not alone. Italians believe tiramisu is a strong aphrodisiac, and once you know it’s erotic history you’ll understand why. Tiramisu was invented inside brothels in the gorgeous northern Italian town of Treviso, renowned for its sexually relaxed mores and [...]
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Meet Satèn, Italy’s Silk Wine

The luxurious bubbly you never knew existed, and how to try it now. It only makes sense that the official wine partner of Milan Fashion Week is on a quest to make the world’s silkiest wine. The Satèn style of Franciacorta was created with the goal of recreating Italian satin in wine [...]
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