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Pizza Profits from Pandemic

Pizza sales and pizza-chain hiring have both been soaring during the pandemic, reported (July 27). When the pandemic began in March, Domino’s said it was hiring back 10,000 workers, and now, Papa John’s announced it will be doing the same on top of the recently added 20,000 employees. Pizza chains across [...]
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Cacio e pepe: Italy’s beloved 3-ingredient pasta dish

With only three simple ingredients, cacio e pepe is a rich pasta dish that’s hard not to love. And when you do get that elusive texture, it becomes the ideal comfort food. Cacio e pepe is a dish of only three ingredients, two of which are evident at first glance to [...]
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The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, an organization in Italy that is nearly 100 years old and designed to protect the specifications and history of the cheese, announced that Campbell Soup will remove images from certain labels of Prego jars that reference a certified Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. The organization told Store Brands that [...]
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