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Millennials are spending less money on alcohol than previous generations.

Millennials are making many different lifestyle choices than older generations — and alcohol consumption is no exception. Millennials are spending less money on alcohol than both baby boomers and Generation X, according to a Nerdwallet analysis of a 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey. The analysis notes, however, that they’re spending [...]
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Baci Perugina base for ice cream

Baci Perugina base for ice cream faithfully reproduces the taste of the “Bacio” chocolate.The presence of vegetable oils in the recipe makes it an easy-to-use product (it is not necessary to dissolve it).76% high-quality cocoa and hazelnut paste, no sugar or vegetable fats. PREPARATIONUse 140-150 g of pasta Russian per [...]
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How Consumers Shop Using Smartphones For Food Vs Retail Goods

Despite efforts by major supermarket chains as well as third-party delivery services, online grocery shopping still hasn’t seen mass adoption in the U.S. In fact, only 3 percent of food is bought digitally. In the 2019 edition of the Remote Payments Study, PYMNTS collected and analyzed survey data from 2,300 American consumers to [...]
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Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk

Pasteurized full cream cow`s milk Sugar Milk solids 20% of which milk fat is 8% Prepared from cow`s milk carton with 12 can 1 kg.   PER SERVING Nutritional Information Per 100g Energy (kcal) 322 protein (g) 7.5 Carbohydrates(g) of which Sugar 55.0/55.0 Fat (g) of which saturates (g) 8.0/5.0 [...]
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Plum meal puree Plasmon has a particular formulation with high concentration of plums, that gives a pleasant sweet taste and at the same time can regulate digestion. It is also enriched with vitamin C. This product contains organically grown ingredients. This product does not contain gluten, or chemical pesticides.Ideal at the [...]
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